Checking SAP passwords strength – part II (JAVA)

Hello! Today’s post can be considered as a appendix to our previous post. We will learn how to validate the strength of SAP passwords by trying to crack them. We’ll focus on the password hashes coming from the SAP JAVA Application Server.

The JAVA Application server stores the passwords in the form of hashes encoded in BASE64. The hash algorithm used is salted SHA-1, also known as SSHA1 [1].

SAP JAVA “stack” password hashes are stored in a database table called UME_STRINGS. The JAVA password hashes can be filtered by the “attr” field (attr = ‘j_password’). We can get the user name along with its corresponding hash by executing the following SQL query:

SELECT pid, val FROM UME_STRINGS WHERE attr = 'j_password'

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